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"This is the most awesome card I’ve ever experienced!"  Norwegian member Hans Kristian Westrum
The Hotel Express membership is of great value for those of you who stay at a hotel at least 3 nights a year. As a member of Hotel Express you will even benefit from a free and personal reservation service when you travel abroad. To check if a membership will pay off, please test our calculator below.

Note. We have inserted a membership price on 150$ per year. This may vary some from country to country. You will find your national price when you select 'purchase membership'.

See how much you will save with your Hotel Express membership: 

How often do you travel?
On average - how many nights per travel?
On average - price per night? $

Based on your details, you will save the following :

Details :
Total number of nights per year
Total nights x average hotel price  $
Discount = 50% $
Membership price - 150$
Savings = $

If you are ready to order, please find price and order via the link below. 

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